MobileTrack Heavy Industries

MUG Heavy Industries Platform

The Mobile Universal Gateway (MUG) is the LBS, Communication, IoT and Safety platform for the Heavy Industries which is hardware, devices, protocol, system and technology independent.

Heavy Industries Services

MobileTrack Heavy Industries is specialized in network infrastructure, communication solutions and MTHI applications. The total portfolio is supported by the Online Portal which can be integrated in legacy systems.

  • MtagBOX Private Cell Network 2G/3G/4G data and voice network
    • MtagBOX Portable
    • MtagBOX Cloud
    • MtagBOX Enterprise
    • MtagBOX Hybride with Wifi, Radio Walkie Talkie, PSTN, ISDN
  • Rugged and ATEX Certified devices
    • Smartphones
    • Tablets
    • Radio Walkie Talkie
  • MTHI Applications
    • Lone Worker Protection
    • PortoPlus Push to Talk
    • Assets and People Tracking & Tracing
    • Internet of Things (IoT) sensors
    • RadioVoice Gateway
    • Messaging voice and data
    • Integration GSM and Radio Walkie Talkie, systems and platforms
  • MTHI Online Portal
    • Cloud
    • Enterprise
    • Integrated in third party and legacy systems
  • Research & Development
  • Total service and support

More information

Lone Worker Protection / MT-LWP app

Thousands of lone workers trust the MT-LWP app to be there when most needed. The MT-LWP app transforms your Smartphone into a fully functioning personal alarm.

MT-LWP app

  • Alarm SOS button
  • Non motion alarm detection
  • Mandown alarm impact detection
  • Safeguard virtual bodyguard alarm
  • Online Portal track trace
  • Optional 24/7 Emergency Alarmcenter
  • Multiservices within one app

The MT-LWP app is available for Android Smartdevices.

Set-up guide

  1. Download the MT-LWP app via the link below to your Android Smartdevice
  2. Find the MT-LWP app (.APK) on your Smartdevice en click to install. Be sure your Smartdevice accepts non Play Store apps so you can install the .APK file
  3. Open the MT-LWP app and follow the instructions

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